Video Conference Systems

  • Desktop VC
  • Conference Room VC
  • Telepresence
  • Collaborative Solution

Video conferencing allows collaboration among the people to communicate effectively and draws a conclusion face to face without travelling. The video conference can be Point to Point  conversation between two people sitting in their private cabin or  can be multipoint involving several locations and multiple conference/boardrooms. video conferencing to save travel time and money and gives a face-to-face experience.

With our Video Conference systems and software applications, connecting and collaborating visually with anyone across your organization is as easy as making a phone call. Our full line of video infrastructure, available on premise or in the cloud makes us committed to universal Video Collaboration.  Whether you are holding a simple interview across campus or staging a large project team meeting with members dispersed across the globe, our solutions fit the bill.

We enable our customers to participate in large multiparty HD calls, live streaming and recording, and collaboration on any mobile device, on any network, all the highest level of quality.

Having partnered with OEM  our vast range of products and understanding of the same has equipped us to understand your requirement and propose just the right solution for your organization.