Professional Display Panels

  • Stand Alone Panels
  • Ultra HD Panels
  • Video Wall Panels
  • Outdoor Panels
  • E-Board Panels
  • Specialized Panels

Professional  display panel uses LCD  technology powered by LED  that makes them much lighter and thinner when compared to commercial displays. Professional display panels are thin and light and provide better linearity and higher resolution upto 4K. Stand alone  professional grade panels are available from 32” – 98” of sizes  delivers rich content , high brightness and crystal clear picture quality. Also these are  more durable with extended operational hours of 24x7.

The UHD Panles deliver superior image quality ,  a super-crisp image with high pixel density that is perfect for displaying even the smallest details of photos and videos in a hyper-realistic and immersive visual experience. The UHD line-up offers 24/7 availability as standard and high durability built in. These are Non-glare panels to ensure outstanding performance in bright conditions.

Video Wall Panels delivers deeper visual impact , Extremely narrow bezel  a virtually seamless, life-like viewing experience. These are non-glare panel , designed to help businesses create memorable video walls even under ambient light.  These display ensures that your message is being received and delivers your content with vibrant colors to leave deep impressions on your audience.

Outdoor Panels aredesigned with ingress protection, anti-reflection technology, an embedded power box, vandalism protection and a highly efficient cooling system. Greater content visibility is achieved under a combination of high brightness, lower reflection and high contrast ratio. The Gorilla Glass in front of the displays’ LCD panels removes the protection glass reflection, making the displayed images richer and clearer under direct sunlight.

E-Board Panels is ready-to-use, all-in-one displays for corporate and educational organizations. Interactive whiteboard style design with a pre-assembled touch overlay from factory. Hybrid touch screen that allows for dual drawing capabilities, enabling up to multi touch touch points.

Specialized Panels are designed for unique applications. These Panels includes Mirror Displays, Stretched Display (Bar type display with wide screen), Transparent displays. We provide all kind of professional panels for various applications in corporates, government, education, retail, entertainment, transportation , hospitality.