Digital Signage

Digital Sigange uses the technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection systems to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, web pages, ,data or text.

Digital Signage  is increasing day by day at  public and private environments such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, malls, transportation systems, museums, public spaces, stadiums, corporate buildings are used to play messages , images , digital menu boards, advertisements, video content with a common goal of delivering the  messages to specific targeted audience.  We provide the complete customize solutions for digital signage as per enterprises requirement to gain the ROI out of it. 

Digital content play important role to provide ROI to enterprise and  is created easily and flexibly via a display Control software. This control software can be a stand alone dedicated program, or an internal integrated hardware. Digital content displayed on the signage is presented in one of the following formats Scrolling Text, scrolling images, Videos.

Also Interactive Digital Sinages demand is growing day by day. Interactive interfaces - Integration of signage with touch screen, beacons, sensors, RFID technologies, to allow for two-way communications with the users. Interactive digital signage helps to engage users and may also assist advertisers to gain insight in customer behavior.